Saturday, April 23, 2011

Toby Shows Off

Subtitle: I think my cat has been reading my new wall map

Me - me
Toby - Housecat with too much time on his paws

So, I heard you tell one of your friends that you still don't believe my full understanding of what's going on, and you think I'm just sitting on the bed all day. But you're wrong. I do listen, and when you're away at that place you go everyday, I've been busy. Ease off with that scooper for a sec and just LOOK at what I've done for you:

Wow! That's pretty accurate Tobe. I apologize for underestimating not only your English comprehension, but your map-reading skills and - quite frankly - your aim. Let's just compare and see what our readers have to say:

 Just tell them to please notice that I've rather specifically "pointed out" Bogota, too.

Well you sure did, but you did so by peeing on our future home, Tobe. I don't think that's very good manners to our hosts.

They will recognize and appreciate fine art when they see it.
I'm tired of trying to please you; I'm going back to bed.


  1. Toby's onto something here. This could be part of the bid list process. Each candidate pees the shape of the country they want to get posted to! Then a pattern matching algorithm will pair you with the shape you're closest to!

  2. Hey good idea; would save the CDOs a lot of work. But we'd have to install big litter boxes in the restrooms. Hmmm.... and I think the men would be at a distinct advantage, especially those who grew up in snowy climates.