Monday, November 21, 2011

Having a Ball

Our first Marine Ball...

Okay, this was taken by the portero (doorman) before we left for the evening. It was a very fun night, especially seeing everyone dressed up and enjoying the ceremony of it all as the Marines and the DCM spoke of the history of the Corps. Made me feel all patriotic again. After dinner, they carried out a massive multi-layered cake and cut it with a sword! That was pretty cool. After that - the dancing began. Being in Colombia, naturally, it was latin music which was great to dance to (provided one can dance, that is... the jury is still out on my skills in this department).

I've read from another blogger in a northern European country that their ball played 80s hits - so I think we lucked out. However, by about 11:30 it was getting a bit too techno for our tastes, so we headed home and I sadly took down the fancy up-do and called it a night.

I learned that in order for our Marines to enjoy their big night, Marine crews from neighboring countries came over to relieve them. Thanks to Caracas for letting our guard come out to play! I guess it's a tradition and we helped them out, too. And I think there were folks from Ecuador, too. It's a great feeling to be within a family of people who may not know each other, but will always have something in common to share and are willing to help out.

If your post has a Marine Ball - I recommend going. Let your hair up, have some fun and thank the Marines for being there for us.

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  1. That's so wonderful. Definitely made the heart swell a little bit.