Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Passing the Spanish Test

I don't mean to lead anyone astray in thinking that I'm going to give you the secrets to passing a language exam... I just wanted to get your attention to say that if anyone is looking for a Spanish tutor to help improve their skills (at whatever level you may be) - I have a good recommendation. For the past few months I have been working with Maria Elena Guzman via Skype in private tutoring sessions in preparation for my FSI phone test. Even now that it's over, I will continue with her to keep from losing any ground. Plus, I know that once I get to FSI - the official in-person test will come a' calling once again.

Anyway, she came recommended from a friend who was an aspiring FSO (and now is working in Bogota with me), and I can say that her patience, yet persistence, really helped me enormously. She is in Antigua, Guatemala (hence the Skype lessons), and has been teaching for 27 years, particularly with FS officers and aspiring FS officers and Peace Corps volunteers. And just anyone who wants to learn Spanish!

If you're interested, here are the details:
Maria Elena Guzman
maestrago at yahoo dot com

Her sessions are extremely reasonable and she has no end of patience.
Heck - she helped ME pass!

Buena suerte!

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  1. Felicidades! I find it interesting that she is in Antigua. When I was heading to Costa Rica in college to study abroad that year I stopped first in Antigua and enrolled for three weeks in a language school (Francisco Marroquin). The instruction was one on one and the teachers were fantastic! They really helped me adjust to speaking and understanding so that I could jump right into political and international studies at a university level. I wonder if she was part of that school or if she knows about it?