Friday, February 22, 2013

Cazadores de Casas Internacionales

Welcome to this week's edition of "Cazadores de Casas Internacionales*" 

We have two house-hunters interested in finding a cozy home for the next few years in this Mexican borderland. What have we got to show them today?

How about a lovely 3BR/2.5 BA single-family home in Ciudad Juarez?

Join us on a tour and let's see if this newly-arrived couple will be making an offer!

Realtor: Today I'd like to show you a well-maintained single-family home in a gated community in an up-and-coming neighborhood of Ciudad Juarez. You'll see that this home is within quick commuting distance of your work and close to restaurants, a popular and fancy mall and an easy drive to the US border crossing.

Couple: Sounds great! Let's see it!

Realtor: Note the secure community with quiet, wide streets, open play areas and charming street lights lining the lanes.

Couple: Ohhh... yes, very nice. I imagine us walking here in the evenings.

Realtor: But wait until you see the inside; I think it has everything on your wish list!
Let's start with the roomy garage, and note the attractive exterior color scheme and landscaping, all in keeping with the desert setting. 

Couple: Ohhhh... yes, very nice. I like this already. 

Realtor: I want to show you the kitchen first. The modern appliances and ample storage space will make any gourmet chef happy.

Mrs. Couple: Ohh... stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops! And a dishwasher... hahaha, you know I have to have my dishwasher!

Mr. Couple: A six-burner gas stove and a big pantry. I could really work with this space!

Realtor: And notice lots of natural light and the open-plan that flows into the dining and family room.

Mrs. Couple: Yeah, we could really entertain here, and Mr. Couple wouldn't be separated in the when he's cooking for us... hahahaha!

Realtor: Now, I understand you all have pets - let's just take a look at this lovely, fully enclosed back yard! Your animals will be secure in their stone-wall surrounded yard with lawn, rose bushes and decorative desert-friendly trees and flowering shrubs. Come take a look and just picture all the evenings you'll spend grilling out here!

Mrs. Couple: Oooh... yes, this will be great for the cats, and you're right - we'll certainly be enjoying lots of Northern Mexico sun here. I can't wait to start gardening again.

Mr. Couple: And is that an automatic sprinkler system I see? And a new shed for gardening tools?

Realtor: That's right! And the high stone wall with metal spiking on top will keep your home secure.

Mrs. Couple: But let's go see the rest of the house. I hope the master bedroom is as good as the kitchen is!

Realtor: Of course! But let me show you the formal living room before we head upstairs, and note the high ceilings and lovely wrought-iron banister staircase first. 

Mr. Couple: Yes, very nice, very comfortable.

Realtor: But come upstairs and let's take a look at that master bedroom, and naturally - you'll want to see the walk-in closet!

Mrs. Couple: Wow, I think there's even enough room here for all my shoes! But where will you put your clothes, Mr. Couple? Hahahaha....

Mr. Couple: Hahahaha, yes, I guess I'll have to use the guest bedroom!

Realtor: So... it sounds like you two are pretty happy? Can you see yourselves living here for the next few years?

Couple in unison: I think we can. Let's make an offer!

-Cut to two weeks later and Mr. and Mrs. Couple and their cats have settled into their new home.-

Realtor: So, how have you all settled into your new Mexican lifestyle?

Mr. Couple: We're working on the yard, and can't wait to get a grill fired up soon!

Mrs. Couple: But the cats love it and they've already claimed one of the guest bedrooms and all of the overstuffed sofas... hahahaha... they explored every corner right from day one!

Realtor: Well it looks like we found a perfect home for these new residents to our borderland. All that's left to say is Viva Mexico! 

And we'll see you next week on the next edition of Cazadores de Casas Internacionales!

*This is not an official edition of "House Hunters International." 
Please note all sarcasm and excessive and intentional use of exclamation points. However, we really do like the kitchen and the walk-in closet. 
And the yard.
And the cats love their new bedroom.


  1. Love your new digs!! I am glad that the kitties and the Mr have lots of play room! (Have I mentioned that I love it when men cook?!) Enjoy!!

  2. The place looks great! Much nicer than our lil' one bedroom here in Baghdad. Hope all is well--thinking of you!