Thursday, March 24, 2011

To my EPD friends: Congratulations (and some random thoughts)

I learned today that eight of my former co-workers were promoted today at Everett PD to Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and Deputy Chief. More than I had expected when I left about a month ago, so it was great to see the list of names of those earning more bling on their uniforms.

Congrats to everyone!

Meanwhile, watching the world news doesn't feel quite the same when you have new classmates who are already slated for some of the headline locations (that I know of: Sana'a, Yemen and Islamabad, Pakistan). And my apartment complex is full of evacuee families from various posts. The way that natural disasters and civil unrest seems to strike randomly - there's no guarantee that we're either safer or more at risk in Bogota or Seattle, Bucharest or Snohomish. So we might as well just go for it.

As my mother says, I have to just follow my star.

Five days and counting.

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  1. You can't think about all the things that go wrong. Just think about the things that you can accomplish!