Monday, March 21, 2011

What's the price of guilt?

From the Tabbies:
So yesterday we heard a key at the door, two lady voices (one was mom) and then some kinda' loud dragging noises. We weren't going to stick around and see what it was, no way, so we bolted under the bed - I mean c'mon, what would YOU have done? But after the coast was all clear - about an hour - we came into the living room and we see this, this thing:

Mom kept picking us up and putting us on it, she seemed pretty excited about it but this thing didn't smell right, wasn't like anything we'd seen before. Really, did she expect us to be all rolling and scratching on it already? We're not dogs! We see what she's up to; she's trying to bribe us. She'd better be feeling guilty for dragging us out of our kittenhood home to this place with weird noises and smells and NO GARDEN.

Okay, y'know, I guess it's not too bad. Good to get the claws into some sisal rope again. We're not gonna' go sleeping on it or anything, but, you know - we'll give it a try.

So, to answer the question: the price of guilt is about... $129

I can't wait to see what she drags in if we move to Africa!!


  1. That is so cool Caitlin - don't worry, kitties will love it in a few days! A bit of catnip (if they're into it) will get them using it even more. We have this huge thing with a kitty house on top, and 2-3 little areas on poles covered with sisal rope. Best thing we got them.

  2. My question would be, will you ACTUALLY drag it to Africa with you?

  3. Well, I gotta' admit that it won't go into my carry-on, but we do get to ship household effects, so, yeah - it's coming with us!