Sunday, April 03, 2011

Conversation with The Great Toby

Me - me
Toby - The Great Toby, prognostiCATor currently specializing in FS predictions using his favorite medium, Tidy Cat.

So Toby, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that your prediction that we'd be posted to Africa was wrong.

What are you talking about? You asked me for bid list predictions, and that's exactly what I delivered. Were there not three different African posts on your bid list? Hmmm?

Well, yeah, technically there were, but I was also kinda' believing that your message was so clear that it would also predict our post assignment. So that got us thinking that for sure we'd be headed to an exotic, warm, dry place.

You mean that place that you told me has all those mosuitoes, ants, hippos and crocodiles?

Yeah, but we'd have a house with a yard and maybe two bathrooms... and I guess I just got my hopes up.

And now? Now we're going to a vibrant, active city with great pet food selection, a moderate climate for those of us with long fur and it won't take 18 hours to fly there! I'm not seeing a problem here. Plus, didn't you say something about an apartment with a view? Besides, I want to be known as a "Bogato"!

You're right; it's going to be great. But next time - could you just be a bit more specific in your predictions? You know, add a footnote or something?

Sure, if it'll make you happy. Next time I'll pee on the carpet.