Saturday, April 09, 2011

I shoulda' known

You know how they say that the all the answers to our "big" questions are generally right in front our faces and yet we don't see them?

While I was agonizing over which post I'd be assigned to and resorting to hiring feline soothsayers to give me their predictions (see previous posts), all along the answer was right here in my vegetable drawer on my chives packet and it wasn't until today that I saw it:

Moral(s) of the story:
  1. For those of you dying of impatience and waiting to hear your assignments (yes 160th A-100 - I'm talking to you!) or those of you day-dreaming at home about your FS futures: take a look around you and be open to the answers that are so close you may not even notice them. They're calling out to you as you walk by: "Look, I'm that Russian nesting doll that you got from the exchange student in the 10th grade where you keep your loose change; you're going to Moscow!" Or, "Hey, look at me; I'm the Chinese restaurant menu that just appeared under your apartment door one day. You're going to Shenyang!" Let the answers come to you; they're out there.
  1. Sometimes you have to listen to the Chives Talking.


  1. Welcome to State, and congratulations on your first assignment!

    Thank you so much for letting me add you to the map - just do me a favor, please, and double-check your pin:

    Just to make sure that I got everything right and that it works the way it should!

    Gorgeous blog, by the way, and I LOVE the colors of the koi!


  2. Looks great! Thank you for doing this for all of us; it's such a clever idea - I love it.
    I hope you fed the koi when you visited (a mouse click give them a few bits of fish food for them and watch them swarm!).