Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Evolution of the Fox

Caddyshack Revisited?

Although I haven't yet laid eyes on him, I'm certain that Bill Murray's "Carl Spackler" from Caddyshack has left his golf-course tending duties and is currently employed as a groundskeeper at FSI. Where is my proof of such a bold statement you ask?

Please examine the evidence and decide for yourself.

Exhibit A:
Name:  Fox
Mission:     Strike fear in the hearts of all Canada Geese and prevent them from spoiling the manicured grounds of FSI with copious amounts of goose poop.
Date Deployed: March 21, 2011


Exhibit B:

Name: Fox 3-D - with life-like fur tail (but no legs)
Mission: To do the work that Exhibit A was too 2-D to accomplish
Date Deployed: May 9, 2011

Outcome thus far:

Now just try to tell me that there is not an astute mastermind such as Mr. Spackler, bedevilied daily by the Canada Goose, behind this cunning plan.


  1. It's sweet that they're trying to be so humane. My mother read in the Seattle Times that up in ol' WA, they rounded up the geese and gassed them. Nazi-style.

    These pictures are hilarious, btw! Those fake coyotes are as scary as my grandma's plastic lawn flamingoes.

  2. Funny, and they think that will actually work? Points for trying...