Sunday, July 31, 2011

We've arrived!

Greetings from the top (almost) of South America!
The Tabbies and I have arrived in Bogota and are settling into our new apartment. The trip down here was generally uneventful, and at the worst - tiring. My "cat coyote" friend accompanied  us and carried Dodger while I had Toby. Having two people meant that they were able to come on board the plane instead of having to send one via cargo. Their carriers were at our feet and partially unzipped so I could see them curled up and sleeping the whole way. I was quite impressed at how well they took the whole ordeal.

We arrived late at night and the airport was packed! I loved being able to skip the enormous line and walk to the utterly empty Diplomats line and break in my new black passport. I felt very important, even if I was carrying a peed-in cat carrier and wide-eyed feline. We were met by the driver and my new supervisor and a mob of fans outside the security barriers of the airport. They had a band and banners and all sorts of horns.
Oh wait, what?
You mean that wasn't for us?
What soccer team?  Oh, the under-20 world championships are in town now?
The van, driver and supervisor - however - were there for us and drove us to the new apartment where my social sponsor greeted us with a pre-stocked fridge and basket of fruits and bags of cat treats; she really went all out and has taken kind care of me since.  We were all utterly exhausted and knowing I had to show up at the embassy all polished and professional the next morning - I hit the hay as soon as I could. Cat coyote went on to her family's home in town and it was just me and the Tabbies in a big, empty apartment for the first time. Wanna' take a look?

Living room

Toby checks out the fireplace
Study ready for books!
Living/dining room and big picture windows
One of the four bathrooms - I need more towels!

So that's the place! It is very nice, with high ceilings and lovely hard-wood floors. The doors are so tall! The buildings in the neighborhood are all quite elegant with nice water features and landscaping outside. We don't have a balcony or any outside living space, so I've pulled some chairs close to the windows for the fur family to have a nice view. They're still in a bit of shock in the new environs and as we can hear a lot of doorbells and other phones ringing (and music - that story may come in a later episode!), they are still rather skitish. But they're eating and drinking and doing what follows - so that's a relief (pardon the pun).

I've had two days of checking-in at work and getting to know the embassy. It's a busy place full of employees from loads of different agencies and military groups. I hope to start learning my job this week so that I can feel useful rather than just decorative. Right now I'm more questions than answers, which is a bit uncomfortable. I've met some very nice people already, though, and I'm sure in about two years - I'll be settled and feeling confident and then... oh darn, it'll be time to go again!

Okay, next episode will be more about my new city and surroundings. Tim is busy preparing everything in Snohomish and will be headed south in about a month, too. He hasn't been able to start this new life yet, and the Tabbies and I have been at it since mid-March already. Think smart thoughts for me; I'll need it as I try to figure out the ins and outs of my OMS life.

Hasta luego...


  1. Glad to hear you're settling in so well, Caitlin! I'm sure kitties will be fine after a couple of days. I remember when I brought mine from Bosnia it took them a good week to start to "own" the place - their scratcher certainly helped.

  2. Glad you got there with the kitties...Cat Coyote=brilliant!

  3. Apartment looks nice sans stuff - re towels for all those bathrooms -tell Tim to get a bunch from - they have great stuff at reasonable prices.