Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wheels up!

Well, just about!
This is my last post from terra-firma: from the land of the known, comfortable and understood. I've been watching families pack-out of Oakwood for months now. One day the kids are playing on their patios in my building and the next day the movers come through like a swarm of locusts and then the day comes when I realize that I haven't seen that family for a while. They're in Russia; they're in Vietnam; they're in Guatemala - I don't know, but they're just not here anymore; now it's my turn. My obligatory box of left-over kitchen goods is packed and ready to be set in front of some friend's door or in the lobby for anyone. It contains a few items I've inherited in the same manner! (There is a bottle of apple cider vinegar I believe has lived in three apartments so far.)

My cat "coyote" has arrived from Florida to assist the Tabbies in the move. Instead of shipping one cargo and taking one in-cabin, I've "hired" a friend (and aspiring OMS!) to fly with me and carry one of the kitties while I carry the other. It's a good solution all around as she will get a visit to her home city (she's Colombian), show me around, and I will have both kitties in the plane with us. And it's legit - she doesn't have to hide him in her bra or anything!  So, wish us well on this journey.

Okay, it's time for getting ready and making this all REAL.

See you on the other side!


  1. Safe travels Caitlin! Hope you have an uneventful and easy trip. Thank you again for all the words of wisdom you had for me - greatly appreciated.

  2. Good luck and safe travels. Boots says good luck to :)

  3. I cant believe it has been a year already my chica bonita! and yes I still love shoes hahaahah