Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Geopolitical War

Daphne joined her brothers after being "Only Cat" since March.

Daphne makes herself at home
  People have asked if she resumed her spot as "Top Cat" or not. I will let you all decide for yourselves, after examining the evidence:

Dodger and Toby make themselves fit


  1. T.i.T I miss you!!!! I finally have internet at home. I don't know what to do with myself!

  2. Have to ask -- how did she handle being away from the other two?
    We have two cats (brother and sister) who have never spent time apart since we got them from my mom - Euro cats, LOL. I'll miss them greatly but I believe they'll be better off staying behind with my husband until they all can join me. Wouldn't dare split them apart as they're so used to each other.

  3. Our cat family has always had two teams: boys and girls. I took the boys and was really glad they had each other while my husband stayed with the girl. She loved being an only cat. I wouldn't separate the pair if they're so bonded. They should stay in the place that offers them the least amount of change and stress, so I vote for them staying behind until you're settled. Good luck!

  4. Thank you Caitlin! Always good to get another cat lover's confirmation I am doing the right thing.

  5. Yes, I think you are. Besides, the most stressful part of my moves (to FSI and to Bogota) was worrying about the cats in transit. Also, you have to do a lot of planning and prep so that when you hit the ground in the new place, you have food, litter and a litter box. I traveled to FSI with a Johnny Kat temp litter pan (full of clean litter) IN my suitcase! That's right. Coming to Bogota, I pre-shipped a box of supplies and my social sponsor took it to the house so we were ready. But if your husband and kitties will join you, you can get everything set for them before they arrive and it will be waaaay easier on everyone. And fewer moves for them is better, too. Hey, you'll be packing out soon, eh?

  6. Yes, packers are scheduled on 9/19, already had the pre-pack out survey done. Last day on current job is 9/16 and they've threatened to kidnap me and prevent me from leaving LOL.