Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012: Bright Horizons

It seems every holiday or season has its own color scheme: spring and its pastels, fall and Halloween mean rusty oranges, Thanksgiving is warm browns, and Christmas of course is red and green. Although we're only a week past Christmas with its gold trimmings, I see the New Year in bright, clear blue: the color of opportunity, potential and tranquility on a fresh horizon.

For this reason I am overjoyed to report that the weather has recently been cooperating with my vision of the New Year's color palette.

Pretty boring pictures, you say?

Let me explain: First photo is of the sky to the west; second photo is of our horizon to the east and the third is the view from our living room of an utterly vacant street. The wonder and joy of each of these images lies in what is not seen: no clouds, no smog, no rain, no honking, smoke-belching collectivos, no merengue-blaring chivas... nothing. Bogota right now is as vacant as a scene from a post-apocalyptic B-movie. Everyone is away at their - well, I don't know where exactly - but they're not here and they've left us alone to welcome 2012 with the most beautiful 73+ degree crystal-blue sky days.

Thank you for this little gift; we look forward to filling the fresh horizon with new adventures, experiences, friends, meals, music and hopefully a few more  days like this.

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