Monday, August 06, 2012

A Picture's Worth...

Let me just say that A-100 is mentally exhausting. There comes a time when we all just need a smile, or at least something much less cranial. Therefore I've compiled an assortment of pictures to share with you that I hope will make someone out there chuckle or at least reduce a frown or two. I know they will for me...

Note: these pictures have nothing to do with the State Department, being an OMS, being a Consular Officer or A-100. For more serious stuff - you will just have to wait until something deeper inspires me to write. Or everyone's favorite Flag Day... that's coming up on August 17th!

Work-a-day footwear: Americana

Work-a-day footwear: Colombiana

The street sweepers keep Colombian roads and highways free of the hazards of dried leaves. They do this in traffic, during rush hour and don't seem bothered by the uncovered manholes they pass during the day. Priorities, right?

Impromptu rain hat or modern spin on (below) traditional headwear?

Brotherly kitty love

Brothers Schmothers - I love my scratcher!

A Cartagena bricklayer models his urban sombrero.

Anytime I felt bogged down in the busy-work of my day, all it took was a walk by the huge carved wall outside the Embassy to remind me what I was doing there and who I was working for. After a complaint session one night, Tim reminded me, "Do you need to go look at the wall again?"

Send off from Bogota - full moon rising over La Calera

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