Saturday, November 10, 2012

The power of a flag

File this under: Silly facts for a Saturday.

So you're thinking of starting a blog?
Perhaps you've been thinking of clever topics that will be helpful, interesting, cutting-edge, insightful, funny or in general just make people think?

Sounds great. But how will your readers find you?

I suggest you include flags, lots of flags.

A quick look at the statistics of how people found this blog reveals that besides being linked to the Department of State's official blogroll, one of the largest sources of new readers was my inclusion of a Colombian flag on the blog last year. 
To be specific, the Google searches have been:

459 Colombian Flag
139 Cool Colombian Flag
35 Official Colombian Flag
30 Bogota Colombia Flag

My math tells me that there are now probably 659 disappointed 5th graders out there who found me and the Tabbies instead while working on their world history or social studies reports.

Who knows, maybe one of them stopped to read about this job and the interesting life it creates and it planted a teenie seed in the mind of a future diplomat?

Yeah, maybe not - but it would be pretty cool if that were the case. 

That's all for today. And don't forget to add and caption your flags! 

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