Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

There is a blog I like to read that specializes in what the author refers to as "Wordless Wednesdays" where she posts a photo or two instead of writing. I thought I could do a bit of the same today, in a lazy-Sunday sort of way. I'll have to caption the pictures or you'll wonder why I'm showing you all a photo of my sheets and pillows. Here in pictures I offer you all a slice of our daily life and a few snippets from weekend road trips we've taken in the Juarez/New Mexico/El Paso region:

A place for everyone and everyone in their place.

One reason why we get danger pay.

Another reason why we get danger pay. Even the drinking fountains can't be trusted!

Exhibit A: How you can tell that someone's household effects haven't arrived yet
Exhibit B: How you can tell that someone's household effects haven't arrived yet.
Day Trip #1: Charro exhibition, traditional Mexican cowboying - it's a family affair with multiple generations all participating. 
Mas Charros!

Day Trip #2: White Sands National Monument, NM - Awesome!
Wild grasses thrive in the gypsum
Watch out for the yellow... sand?

Darn shame about the 50 mph winds that day...yes, really. 

At the end of the day - it's across the border we go.


  1. Hi! I apologize that we have never met but I believe you know my husband, Ryan, from FSI. We are headed down to CJ at the end of next month and I have been grateful for your posts regarding the housing situation. This might sound like an odd question, but why is your TV on top of a cooler? I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that because this is a furnished post that they would have some sort of stand to put your TV on. I am trying to determine what furniture to bring (even though Post has been very insistent that this is a furnished post and I do not need to bring anything). Any advice you could offer on this point would be most helpful. Thanks and I hope to be able to meet you in person at some point soon!

    PS: This might seem like an odd observation, but from the pictures you have provided it looks like you have 3 different sofas! Is that right? I am sure your cats appreciate all of the lounge space but that seems a bit excessive to me!

  2. Hello Sarah,
    Yes, I remember meeting you briefly after Flag Day, but I believe you were still in shock and therefore have no recollection of the event... anyway, all is very nice here, so don't worry. The reason our TV is on a cooler (very astute observation) is that our HHE had not yet arrived, and so we were "making do." However, it's coming tomorrow! But - I will give you a very detailed description of what you might expect, keeping in mind that the "it depends" rule still applies, if you email me personally. I'll send Ryan an email to his work with my personal email tomorrow, and we can connect offline. Welcome!